Pear Design

We are pleased to introduce Pear Design a new service offering the design and manufacturing of bespoke concrete decor products for internal and external applications.

With Pear Design, nothing is impossible

Drawing on decades of experience in the concrete industry and understanding the limitless possibilities that concrete offers for the production of unique decor products, Pear Design has been launched to offer a new profe

ssional service unique to Australia.

Pear Design will transform even the most complex designs into beautiful a

nd practical bespoke concrete products for homes, commercial buildings and public open spaces. If you have the idea, we can build it out of concrete.

  • Complex 3D forms and shapes.
  • Large-scale built-form and public art
  • Decorative panels, tiling and paving
  • Large range of colours and aggregates
  • Benchtops, bathtubs and hand basins
  • Street and park furniture

New technology & techniques

Technological advances in 3D drafting and digital cutting techniques, combined with hand-craftsmanship founded on a long history of working in the material, has allowed Pear Design to break new ground in the production of three dimensional shapes, surface reliefs and cast construction.

Our capabilities include:

Creative Design

We will design from ‘concept to completion’, creating designs around your ideas and needs, putting them on paper, then developing detailed concept models, and finally putting the job into production.


We will take your hand-drafted plans or 3D CAD drawings and accurately reproduce them. We convert them into plugs or moulds for casting the fi nal product, whether it is a one-off piece built for purpose, or production-line products such as tiles and panels.

Hand-crafted designs

Our in-house craftsmen will create casts and final pieces by hand, modelling, casting, cutting and polishing a wide variety of concrete and masonry materials.

Production-line products

We manufacture bespoke wall panels, tiling, paving for small and large-scale construction projects in our own purpose-built factory in Perth.


Whether it is a single piece of street furniture to hundreds of square metres of wall panelling, tiling or paving, we will deliver and install in any location in the state.