Pear Contracting’s reputation for excellence is growing quickly in the Perth’s Civil, Commercial and Residential concrete industry sectors.

When it comes to concrete, no job is too big, too small or too complex for Pear Contracting to handle. Our in-house and sub-contract crews have expertise in laying all forms of concrete in form-work, columns, pads, footings, retaining walls and paving for ground-level commercial, residential and community amenity construction.

Pear Contracting has completed a range of concrete installations in the education and civil sectors. We have also designed and installed Heritage exposed aggregate at WA’s Parliament House to match a 50 year old existing concrete toppings at the site.

Exposed Aggregate Specialists

Perth construction builders and architects all use exposed aggregate concrete regularly as building material that is durable yet attractive enough to accentuate feature areas. Once limited in it’s flexibility, exposed aggregate now offers a myriad of feature possibilities in exposed aggregate concrete to the Perth civil, commercial and residential construction industry.

Our ability to match stones and mixes to old government heritage buildings and add seamlessly to pre-existing stone work and paving is second to none. We focus on the highest attention to detail, follow the strictest best practice and provide a finished product only possible through over 15 years of dedication to our craft. It is the reason we get commissioned for important projects like the recent Geraldton War Memorial restoration and our recent work in and around Western Australia’s Parliament house, where only the best possible result is acceptable.

Concrete Slabs

Faulty construction slab foundations can cause all sorts of loss of time incidents and call backs right throughout a project if not completed to industry standard. This domino effect can dig into project profit margins, damage reputations and blow out deadlines. At Pear Contracting we pride ourselves on getting the job done right, first time, every time. Every concrete contractor job performed by us is tackled in a timely and safe manner. With Pear Contracting you can be assured that you will be 100% satisfied with the level of expertise, care and technical execution we show in laying our concrete slabs.

We always retain our client relationships which we believe is a testament to our customer focused service. Our team are highly skilled, safety focused, and have the experience to provide even the most complex solution with the highest skill and efficiency.?

We service:

  • Commercial- Commercial Perth construction projects are a different scale operation and require high levels of safety compliance, quality assurance and flexible, innovative processes to meet deadlines and budgets. In addition, large commercial Perth buildings must be much more durable compared to residential st. We are the methodical in our approach to delivering durable and resilient concrete solutions that are an asset to project managers who expect the best out of their contractors and partners. That is why are quickly becoming one of the the most reputed concrete contractors in Perth in the eyes of commercial and civil industry leaders, who value efficiency and innovation from their partners as a sure pathway to growth.
  • Residential- We are flexible and work closely and in conjunction with home owners, contractors, architects and builders; Every customer has different requirements and a different vision for their home. We have advanced concrete solutions both externally and internally that will ensure a wide variation of choice and a flexibility of approach to scope of works?

We achieve this through:

  • Experienced and highly professional, concrete craftsmen
  • The best quality and range of concrete materials and products
  • Contractors compliant to government standards
  • Fully safety compliant procedures
  • Our history of completing projects on time and on budget
  • Flexibility through innovation and experience
  • Open, clear and concise communication at all times
  • Competitive rates
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Commercial and Residential Driveways

We specialise in designing, installing and finishing driveways to the highest levels of workmanship. We offer a huge range of coloured concretes and we specialise in exposed aggregate and feature finishes. We are building a fantastic range of commercial and domestic projects in the city featuring driveways, dual paths and high traffic / communal areas that require usability combined with an clean finish. Whether it’s a quality concrete commercial throughway around and in your warehouse or a driveway in your home, we’ll make sure the job is done to your highest satisfaction.

Dual Use Paths

Modern cities like Perth require a comprehensive network of cycle and dual-use paths. These paths have very specific requirements and must meet key performance indicators and requirements according to governmental legislative standards.

Excessive roughness and potholes can result in safety issues and must be avoided. Suitable retaining walls or other treatments must be in place to prevent sand building up on the paths. Pavement should be free of longitudinal defects such as surface groove changes which could affect steering stability for cyclists. They should be maintained so as to repair grass in joints and monitor / repair cracks. Adequate skid resistance is a must on curves and steep grades and pavement should be free of areas where ponding of water occurs.

Pear Contracting understands all requirements, have the industry knowledge, and are backed by a proven track record in this highly specialised sector. To date we have installed thousands of metres of granite and pre-cast concrete kerbs throughout Perth. We have worked with City of Perth, City of Subiaco and MRA specifications and understand the needs of different local government requirements.

Precast Curbing

We are supply and install all manner of precast concrete parking curbs and bumpers to civil, commercial and residential, building contractors across the Perth metropolitan area.

These specialised products must be done with the best materials as their main purpose is to to protect a diverse array of structures, vehicles and living people around vehicular traffic. Our superior concrete range offers the longest service life, and the stability and strength required to withstand the required wheel and object impact with a structure that is designed to stand firm.